Tawn Chatchavalvong

Follow Your Passion

This phrase perfectly describes the path Bangkok-based designer Tawn Chatchavalvong took into the world of fashion. Tawn majored in Political Science, lived abroad, and spent the better part of a decade in the field of Public Relations, he then decided to follow his passion. After his studies at an Italian based fashion school, Tawn's work started appearing in print, online and on the runway. His Autumn/Winter 2011 collection for K and I was featured at Bangkok International Couture Fashion Week and his designs have appeared in Harper's Barzaar and other prominent publications.

Inspiration fuels passion

Tawn’s travels and love of nature inspire his designs. A vine growing on a garden wall, a stack of luggage on a train platform, a glass of wine sipped on an outdoor terrace overlooking Verona – scenes such as these inspire him. Each outfit in the TAWN C. collection features simple silhouettes, chic lines, with an attention to detail and quality tailoring that lends it a timeless elegance.

Design Philosophy

TAWN C. is all about empowering women to be whom they want to be, to present the side of themselves they want to highlight. With the right outfit, there is room for you to imagine that something extra, whether it is your playful side or your strong side, your casual sophistication or your elegance. Leaving something to the imagination is one of the joys of being a woman and it is one of the hallmarks of the TAWN C. design philosophy.